Sandro Primus

empower & express yourself


Hello my prince ! (Lama Ole Nydhal)

Dear personality interested in my work,

As a pioneer and senior professional, I support the management of companies as well as private individuals in their mental and physical strengthening.

My clients are corporations such as Credit Suisse and Swiss Re, family-owned companies such as Bank Julius Baer, leaders in business, politics and society, owners, managers and personalities of all kinds, as well as couples.

I look back on 40 years of professional and life experience. Having started out as a personal trainer, I now embody several roles in one. For you, this means that instead of purchasing several services individually, which are needed for a multidimensional and thus faster and more effective approach to the fulfilment of your concerns, you will find this with me in a person you can trust, who is also committed to you wholeheartedly and reliably. These roles are described on my website: Make the experience for your life and business.

My roles climb up the modes of action of the human being, thus beginning at the physical level and ending at the mental level, whereby more can be written about the physical -there tangible, and the mental must be experienced all the more to really understand the benefits.

In these challenging times, mental strength, composure, physical fitness and a healthy self-esteem are becoming more and more important.

I am convinced that with these approaches, important decisions are made more foresightedly and goals are achieved faster and more cost-effectively.

For questions, I am gladly available and look forward to our cooperation.

Yours sincerely


Sandro Primus