Tibetan Buddhism is a teaching, not a religion. It is a millennia-old wisdom and knowledge for the expansion of consciousness, for the widening of the inner self, and for the expansion of the outer self; mental-spiritual guidance, individual-personal transmission of knowledge and experience, teacher, revelation of solutions and provider for self-help, guide for self-awareness, companion in the training of consciousness and dissolution of the ego.

 Tibetan Buddhism

  • Spirituality and everyday life: Meditation opens up inner spaces. Spaces full of strength, clarity and creativity. The qualities inherent in us, such as joy, courage and serenity can unfold. Through regular meditation, in good times as well as in bad, difficult situations in our professional and private lives are transformed into challenges that we can master with confidence. Dissolving the identification with various limiting and difficult emotions, e.g. fears. Confidence in one’s own path deepens.

“I appreciate Sandro’s understandable and credible way of awakening interest in meditation and accompanying one’s own inward journey”.
(Roland H.)

My offer

Private individuals can conclude:

*half-year or full-year contracts with a more conscious understanding of the contract with themselves to better achieve their medium and long-term goals.

With companies I conclude:

*contracts for two to five years – the more seriously bought in for performance improvement, the longer the planning.

*The privately – as well as company-financed contracts are paid in advance.

This offer can be used in different forms, for example:

  • 60` introducing
  • 15` coaching / 45` introducing
  • 30` introducing / 30` meditating
  • 90`: 15` coaching / 50` introducing / 25` meditating


  • 30 years of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and meditation practice, further trainings and retreats, sources and teachers in the form of realised meditation masters, repeated travel and living with a lama.
  • Communicators of the authentic quality of the origin – the intentions of the yogis and yoginis like Lama Ole Nydhal, Hannah Nydahl, 17th Karmapa, Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche, who once decided to bring this knowledge into the world in the service of the whole. Recommended readings: “How Things Are” (Lama Ole Nydhal), „The Great Seal” (Lama Ole Nydhal), ” Knowledge about meditation” (Wissen über Meditation, Manfred Seegers), “Death and Rebirth” (Lama Ole Nydhal)

Answers to life questions through the transmission of this millennia-old wisdom and path of experience.


Sandro Primus:

Your powerful resting pole for spiritual and physical strengthening.


“I have always felt your commitment, your deep desire to accompany us on the path and I am deeply indebted to you for every single session. I don’t know where I would be today without you, the exchange with you and C. P. and meditating together…” (Pascale Th.)