Psychological-mental accompaniment; Tibetan Buddhist background, personal relationship- and trust-building, listener, understander, balancer, questioner regarding mental issues, companion in the process of becoming aware and dissolving blockages

Mental clearing

  • Mentoring = confidant, queries, review, drive, mental-heart-related contribution through strong heart connection to people, company and animals.
  • Development of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Short-term increase in performance; e.g. by developing the relationship with oneself/self-confidence, improving relationships with others (partner, family, friends, colleagues), e.g. drive to persevere with implementations according to the training program, e.g. promotion of regular visits to massages.
  • Medium-term increase in success; e.g. increase in personal satisfaction and fulfillment, e.g. resolution of mental blockages or fears > e.g. fear of flying resolved.
  • Long-term increase in success; health and company success: increase in quality of life and relationships. Equanimity, resilience, serenity.

“I have been training with Sandro for many years. Besides his extensive knowledge and understanding of the anatomical and functional basics of mind & body, he always inspires and motivates me to explore my limits. His programme is diverse and varied.” (Roland W.)

My offer

Private individuals can conclude:

*half-year or full-year contracts with a more conscious understanding of the contract with themselves to better achieve their medium and long-term goals.

With companies I conclude: 

*contracts for two to five years – the more seriously bought in for performance improvement, the longer the planning.

*The privately – as well as company-financed contracts are paid in advance.

This offer can be used in different forms, for example:

  • 60` coaching
  • 20` coaching / 20` introducing (tib.Budh.) / 20` meditating
  • 90`: 30` coaching / 30` introducing (tib.Budh.) / 30` meditating


  • Knowledge, experience and wisdom (consciously applied knowledge and experience) through decades of personal development, 3 years of practice with psychologically suffering people incl. corresponding further training (agogis INSOS), 2 years of training in psychological process accompaniment (Ipb Institute), 1 year of training in body-oriented psychotherapy and counselling with a focus on self- and stress management incl. gender-related issues (Centre for Form and Education Irène Kummer), MBSR (Mental Based Stress Reduction) according to Jon Kabat-Zinn, practice-tested and humanly mature.
  • Special mindfulness, e.g. stress reduction, identification of suffering, development of potential.
  • Self-creation in the approach in combination with the other roles described.
  • Network for further services, with which the mental constitution/performance can be increased, e.g. through the holistic view of personality and business development, but also e.g. family constellations and programme recognition.

Sandro Primus:

Your powerful resting pole for mental and physical strengthening.


As a clearer energetic-bodily accompaniment, individual-personal approach as needed through energetic cleansing of reducing external energies that affect people, animals and spaces (indoors/outdoors), and as a healer through activating healing power inherent in the body.


“What a journey so far! The last 10+ years of working with Sandro have made me stronger and more confident than ever before. Thanks to a variety of strength, stabilisation and self-defence training, I have pushed my boundaries in terms of health and wellbeing.”
(Dani K.)