As a clearer energetic-bodily accompaniment, individual-personal approach as needed by energetically clearing reducing external energies affecting people, animals and spaces (indoors/outdoors), and as a healer by activating healing power inherent in the body.

Lighter due to clearing

Professional knowledge transfer = reproduction of what has been learnt and practically applied in combination with the knowledge from the other roles, specifically individualised to the diverse needs of my clients.

  • Short-term increase in success; e.g. through the removal of ballast from previous tenants, to create coherence in the heart, brain and body: energy/cell frequency level.
  • Medium-term increase in success; e.g. by clearing subtle inhibiting influences, through regular testing and application.
  • Long-term increase in success; expansion of consciousness to subtle topics, application of higher consciousness to realise holistic success.

Sandro not only works with people but has also helped my horse extremely with clearing/healing. He is less nervous, especially at the farrier. (S.W.)

My offer

Private individuals can conclude:

*half-year or full-year contracts with a more conscious understanding of the contract with themselves to better achieve their medium and long-term goals.

With companies I conclude:

*contracts for two to five years – the more seriously bought in for performance improvement, the longer the planning.

*The privately – as well as company-financed contracts are paid in advance.

This offer can be used in different forms, for example:

  • 60` clearing
  • 15` coaching / 45` clearing
  • 90`: 20` coaching / 45` clearing / 15` meditating


  • Knowledge and experience through 30 years of Tibetan Buddhist teachings to understand reducing and promoting energies as well as inherent healing powers and strengthening rituals, 30 years of meditation to train perception of energies.
  • Wide experience in energetic cleaning/clearing of houses/apartments and other indoor/outdoor surfaces as well as energetic healing/healing of people.
  • 30 years reciting mantras from Tibetan Buddhism, chanting and using them in a meditative posture for the benefit of human beings.
  • Application in combination with other roles (knowledge and experience in complementary areas, e.g. dealing with pain) which increases the effect and benefit.
  • Integration of complementary aspects in the form of specific techniques adapted to the individual, e.g. psychological grasping of the cause of issues.
  • Special mindfulness, e.g. mantras, recitation and chanting.
  • Self-creation in the approach in combination with the other roles described.

Sandro Primus:

Your powerful resting pole for spiritual and physical strengthening.


Psychological-mental accompaniment, personal relationship and trust building, listener, understanding, balancer, helper, questioner regarding mental issues, companion in the process of becoming aware and dissolving blockages.