Muscle building (including influencing skin elasticity/smooth skin), back wellness through training, exercise and core strength, coordination and stabilisation (balance/injury prevention), fat burning, Pilates (Matclass), flexibility (stretching), body mobilisation, cardiovascular as well as Tibetan Yoga Lu Jong/healing practice.

Powerfull and healthy

  • Individual training plans and implementation.
  • Initial analysis and check of condition incl. interview (posture, movement, flexibility, balance, core function, cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness, skill-related parameters such as strength, agility, coordination, speed and responsiveness) to obtain relevant information required for the development of an effective training programme and support to achieve goals. Individual definition of objectives, continuous individualisation development analogue actuality, quality check and assurance in execution of exercises, creativity and variety to simplify implementation through more enthusiasm, continuous measurement of progress, immediate feedback loops, reliability, punctuality, security of appointment.
  • Short-term increase in performance, e.g. freedom from pain, biochemical relief.
  • Medium-term increase in success, e.g. strength building.
  • Long-term health preservation.

«Sandro is motivating, empathetic, attentive, and extremely creative in designing training sessions. He masterfully knows how to find the perfect exercise for every physical issue and the “healing” movement sequence for complaints, combines flexibility in thinking and spontaneity in action, and gives me the feeling of finding my inner balance of body, soul, and mind again in every training session.» (Sandra W.)

My offer

Private individuals can conclude:

*half-year or full-year contracts with a more conscious understanding of the contract with themselves to better achieve their medium and long-term goals.

With companies I conclude:

*contracts for two to five years – the more seriously bought in for performance improvement, the longer the planning.

*The privately – as well as company-financed contracts are paid in advance.

This offer can be used in different forms, for example:

  • 60` training
  • 45`training /15` meditating
  • 30`training / 30`selfdefencing
  • 90`: 30`coaching / 45`training / 15`meditating


  • Knowledge, experience and wisdom (consciously applied knowledge and experience) through decades of personal development, versatile further education, 30 years of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and meditation, 40 years of fitness experience, of which 10 years body building, 21 years personal trainer, 16 years self-employment, 3 years education as fitness trainer, 4 years education regarding personal trainer tools, field-tested and humanly matured.
  • Application in combination with other roles (knowledge and experience in complementary areas, e.g. psychology) which increases the effect for my clients and their benefit.
  • Integration of other complementary aspects in the form of specific techniques adapted to the individual, e.g. Lu Jong (Healing-yoga from Tibetan Buddhism).
  • Special mindfulness, e.g. balance, pelvic floor, pregnancy.
  • Self-creation of massages, on the one hand as a short final part of each training for neck/shoulders, and on the other hand in a more extended sense for specific areas, e.g. back, as well as energetic interventions to release blockages, e.g. trigger-technique.
  • Network for further services, with which the physical condition/performance can be increased, e.g. through the holistic view of personality and business development, but also e.g. osteopathy and nutritional counselling.

Sandro Primus:

Your powerful resting pole for spiritual and physical strengthening


Spiritual guidance, individual-personal transfer of knowledge and experience, teacher, revelation of solutions and provider for self-help, guide for self-awareness, companion in the training of consciousness and dissolution of the ego. Development of intuition.


The realisation that one can be more than the sum of one’s thoughts brings a pleasant calm to my life. (H.Rudmann)