Personalised knowledge and experience transfer, companion in consciousness training. Development of intuition, empathy, compassion. Innovative growth and transformation begin in the mind. Where one thought has dissolved and before the next one appears, a creative space opens up in which something new can emerge, something that has not yet been thought. In its nature, the mind is both powerful and stable and creative and innovative at the same time.


Muscle building (including influencing skin elasticity/smooth skin), back wellness through training, exercise and core strength, coordination and stabilisation (balance/injury prevention), fat burning, Pilates (Matclass), flexibility (stretching), body mobilisation, cardiovascular as well as Tibetan Yoga Lu Jong/healing practice.


For women and men. Physical and mental support. Strengthens self-confidence. Acquire skills to protect yourself and others in the event of physical assault. Training in the perception of potentially dangerous situations. Learning special techniques, use of everyday objects. Learning evasion-defence-attack scenarios adapted to the dangerous situation. Fall prevention. Injury-free falling.


Tibetan Buddhism is a teaching, not a religion. It is a millennia-old wisdom and knowledge for expanding consciousness, for expanding the inner self, and for expanding the outer self; mental-spiritual guidance, individual-personal knowledge and experience transfer.


“Sandro is motivating, empathetic, attentive and extremely creative in designing the training sessions. He is a master in finding the ideal exercise for every physical issue and the “healing” movement sequence in case of discomfort, combines flexibility in thinking and spontaneity in action, and he gives me the feeling of (re)finding my inner balance of body, soul and spirit in every training session.” (Sandra W.)


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