For women and men. Physical and mental support. Strengthens self-confidence. Acquire skills to protect yourself and others in the event of physical assault. Training in the perception of potentially dangerous situations. Learning special techniques, use of everyday objects. Learning evasion-defence-attack scenarios adapted to the dangerous situation. Fall prevention. Injury-free falling.

Self-protecting ahaed

Professional knowledge transfer = reproduction of what has been learnt and practically applied in combination with the knowledge from the other roles, specifically individualised to the diverse needs of my clients.

  •  Short-term increase in success; e.g. through thematic approach and knowledge building, e.g. through fall prevention, avoidance of absences.
  • Medium-term increase in success; e.g. by becoming aware of the development of potential (promotes self-confidence) through disciplined integration into training plans.
  • Long-term increase in success; increase in body awareness and observation of oneself and surroundings.

Professional integration in individual and team training = reproduction of what has been learnt and practically applied in combination with the knowledge from the other roles, specifically individualised to the diverse needs of my clients and integrated into the training.


“Sandro has been training at the KampfsportAkademie Zürich since 2008. His knowledge of body and mind in combination with Krav Maga makes him an experienced trainer. Thanks to his commitment, Sandro has been able to take over as a substitute several times.” (Marco Schnyder, KampfsportAkademie)

My offer

Private individuals can conclude:

*half-year or full-year contracts with a more conscious understanding of the contract with themselves to better achieve their medium and long-term goals.

With companies I conclude:

*contracts for two to five years – the more seriously bought in for performance improvement, the longer the planning.

*The privately – as well as company-financed contracts are paid in advance.

This offer can be used in different forms, for example:

  • 60` selfdefencing
  • 30` selfdefencing / 30` training
  • 90`: 45` selfdefencing / 30` training / 15` meditating
  • 90`: 20`coaching / 50` selfdefencing / 20` meditating


  • Knowledge and experience through 40 years of conscious handling and training of one’s own body as well as accompanying numerous personalities with their physical-mental challenges, 4 years of kick-boxing (Kun Tai Ko style), 10 years of Krav Maga (modern, eclectic Israeli self-defence system, which preferably uses punching and kicking techniques, but also includes grip techniques, levers and ground fighting).
  • Workshops for training and practical application of knowledge and techniques related to individual client needs.
  • Application in combination with other roles (knowledge and experience in complementary areas, e.g. dealing with fears) which increases the impact and benefits.
  • Integration of complementary aspects in the form of specific techniques tailored to the individual, e.g. psychological understanding of the cause of issues.
  • Special mindfulness techniques, e.g. Krav Maga, kick-boxing, advanced approaches for everyday life.
  • Self-creation in the approach in combination with the other roles described.

Sandro Primus:

Your powerful resting pole for spiritual and physical strengthening.


Muscle building (among other things, influencing factor for skin elasticity/smooth skin), back wellness through training, exercise and core strength, coordination and stabilisation (balance/injury prevention), fat burning, Pilates (Matclass), flexibility (stretching), body mobilisation, cardiovascular as well as Tibetan Yoga Lu Jong/healing practice.


“My training was a bit boring and not progressing before I started personal training with Sandro. He shows me new exercises that I wouldn’t do without his presence, pushes me to limits that I wouldn’t push myself and motivates me to further define my muscles. And if I’m not that fit either, he can offer me alternatives so that I leave the gym more energised.” (Martina F.)